The New Social Face of Buddhism: A Call to Action

Ken Jones Wisdom Publications, 2003 3 ISBN 0-86171-365-6, £12.95.

It’s as important as ever that we cultivate the best in ourselves, to help to positively influence our world on both the global and local scales. What does the world situation mean to a bodhisattva? How can we act up in a way that’s consistent with our precepts and principles? In the face of so much conflict, can we maintain a mind that sees clearly, and do what’s called for?

Ken Jones says “Yes,” and his call to action will inspire you to respond. Starting with the very basics of the path -including staggeringly fresh and clear explications of fundamentals like emptiness and karma- Jones then presents the philosophy, history, and future of socially relevant Buddhism. From “Social Action as Mindfulness Practice” to “Creative Nonviolence”, all the topics for putting your compassion into action are here. Jones’s previous book, The Social Face of Buddhism was a much-praised first foray into this territory. (Among its admirers: Thich Nhat Hanh, Robert Aitken, and Gary Snyder.).

This new book expands greatly upon that work, bringing it up-to-date for a new generation of readers.