In 2012, NEB is involved in Buddhist Action Day – an interfaith project in which faith group takes a month and a theme during the year. The Buddhist month is July and the theme is the Environment. NEB is working with the Network of Buddhist Organisations on this. Click here for more information.

Our ongoing activities include:

  • the production of a magazine Indra’s Net to keep us connected with each other and let people in different Sanghas know what it going on.
  • workshops at events such as the Buddhafield festival, organise weekend and day retreats and workshops in different localities around the country
  • Organising a presence at protests, actions and joint projects on issues of current concern eg anti war demonstrations, arms trade protest
  • Representing the concerns of Engaged Buddhism at national fora such as the Network of Buddhist Organisations and the Interfaith Network
  • Hosting an active email based forum Nebsangha for discussion of ideas, posting requests for help and publicising events and activities.

Minutes of NEB’s meetings

April 2008 (General meeting)

September 2008 (AGM)

March 09 (General meeting)

September 2009 (AGM)

April 2010 (General meeting)

September 2010 (AGM)

April 2011 (General meeting)

September 2011 (AGM)

September 2012 (AGM)